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Wire Grids

Wire grid material and technology:
1.the wire grid is made of low-carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire through cutting, bending, welding and surface treatment.
2.Surface treatment: Galvanized, powder coating or chrome plated.
3.Specification: The steel wire grid has various styles and specification, we can produce it according to the demand and drawing.
4.Features: Reliable welding, smooth surface, anti-corrosive.

Length 900/1000/1200 MM
Width 450/500/550/600 MM
Height 1350/1750/2150 MM
This kind of supermarket shelf, made of high-quality material, with beautiful surface treatment, is very popular among customers all over the world. The original and creative design, reliable and solid structure, easy and quick for installation. Flexible assemble and dismantle. The shelf, with strong bearing capacity and long life-span, can give the best showing effect of your products.


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