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Wire Decking

Wire mesh decking is manufactured with welded wire mesh or structural channel beams. We supply inverted channel supports for the food industry and clean applications. Inside waterfall wire decking has the waterfall inside the step of the beam leaving the beam face unobstructed.

Finishes include standard electro-galvanized finish for rust resistance. We can also provide wire decking in a high quality durable powder coat finish available in a variety of colors.

1) Dimensions: Optional, with 3 or 4 flared support channels
2) Wire mesh: Optional
3) Capacity: 500-1500kg
4) Galvanized finish / powder coated finish
5) Cheap and strong
6) Easy to install: drops into place, no fastening needed
7) Makes inventory easier
8) Improves housekeeping
9) Environmentally friendly
10) Reduction of fire hazard
11) Customized to your specifications
12) Maintenance free


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