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Wanxin Wire Trolleys Co. exports a variety of steel wire trolleys. According to finishes, our wire trolleys can be chrome plated, electro galvanized and epoxy coated trolley carts. According to load capacity, wire trolleys can be heavy, meidum and light type.
According to uses, wire trolleys can be divided into grocerty trolleys, shopping trolleys, storage trolleys and service trolleys. According to structures and materials, they can be wire shelving trolleys, wire rack trolleys, basket trolleys and more. According to layers, we can supply 3 layer trolleys, five layer trolleys and multi-layer trolley carts for your choice. For more information, send your email now.


Wanxin Shopping Trolleys have the following features:
1.All welded construction with additional wire trussing for high strength.
2.Top mat wires run front to back for ease of loading and unloading
3.Quick assembly
4.Adjustable foot levelers
5.Durable finishes
6.Applicable for industrial, Health Care, Food Service and Retail Market
And more.

chrome wire trolleys

Welcome! Wanxin Wire Trolleys Co. especially manufactures and exports Wire Shopping Trolleys of different designs and specifications, providing pratical, flexible and effective solutions to stores and supermaket uses. Our wire trolleys can be stackable to save spaces.

These wire trolleys can be used in various types of applications. All series of trolleys in the production can be designed in large or small wire diameter for applications of different loading capacities. Wire trolleys can be made with different wire materials, like shelving trolleys, basket trolleys, wire rack trolleys, etc.

A variety of sizes and specifications are available for our customers. Besides trolley carts, we also supply wire shelvings, wire racks, wire containers and wire baskets for various uses. Welcome to contact us.

Trolleys & Materials

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